Bonfire Romance

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With Michael working a full time job, me a full time mommy/artist, and both of us doing the farmhouse reno there is not a whole lot of time for romance. We are trying to be intentional, though, in taking little opportunities to stop and share sweet moments. Last night after Cami Grace was in bed, we started burning some of the branches that fell in the storm (see “The Storm” post). The branches were heavy and we were already tired, but we seized the opportunity to have some bonfire romance together.

I ran to the gas station several miles away to grab  supplies for s’mores. While I was gone, Michael thoughtfully cut us some log chairs with his new chainsaw. So as soon as I got back, we just sat and enjoyed sticky burnt marshmallows smothered in dark chocolate on graham crackers. Yum.


It felt like we hadn’t sat down and taken a break in forever. We got to talk about something other than reno stuff. We looked at the beautiful stars, listened to the coyotes singing, and snuggled.

DSC_0686-680x1024 copy

It was a very unconventional date, but very us.




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