Cami’s New Wheels and Yard Improvementsfeatured

Last night Cami Grace kept asking her daddy to fix her car. This was a good opportunity for Michael to indulge his love of reading manuals and for me to take some pics of all that we have done to improve the front yard (he honestly does).


When we bought the farm we noticed its raw beauty, but it had been vacant for months and was becoming very overgrown. This is what the front yard and porch looked like the day we moved in.

DSC_0185   DSC_0180

The drab front yard seemed like the last thing on our to do list, but I couldn’t stand driving by my own house. Something had to be done. We really didn’t have money in the budget for this space, so I came up with some inexpensive little things that had a big impact.


DSC_0249   DSC_0250

By simply removing the window AC, mowing, planting a few flowers, and putting down some mulch ($2.98 per bag) we were able to give the front a cleaner look. Cami Grace helped me collect rocks from the gravel road to use as a bed edger. Then I arranged my potted plants and furniture to create ample seating to enjoy the country views.

DSC_0251   DSC_0253


Now we love to spend time together enjoying our front yard, whether we are sipping lemonade on the porch or putting together a car.

DSC_0240   DSC_0235


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