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I have had a few people ask me what we raise on our farm, or if we have any livestock of any kind. My response has been that, other than our Yorkie Bella, we mainly deal in chiggers.


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Poor Cami Grace loves to play outside. But I guess being so sweet has its drawbacks because the chiggers have gotten her more than us. We don’t know much about chiggers since we never had them at our house in GA (although the misquotes were pretty bad). If you have any tricks for dealing with them let me know. So far, the only thing that has worked for us is wearing rubber boots whenever we go outside. Cami Grace actually has her own but she likes to wear mine on occasion.

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Our family will soon be the proud owners of 14 baby chicks who are scheduled to be born Aug. 7-9th. We are all very excited and have heard that the chickens will help bring down the bug population considerably. We ordered them through Meyer Hatchery and they will arrive by mail. I will let you know how that goes. Move over chiggers and Bella, this is about to be a chicken farm.


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