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The things that Cami Grace is obsessed with right now are tutus, princesses, and “Old McDonald Had a Farm”. This made it tough to decide what theme I was going to choose for her 2nd birthday, which we celebrated this weekend. I ended up combining them all to create a Farm Princess theme.

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If you’re not sure what a Farm Princess is …. Definition: One who loves to play outside, but hates getting dirty; enjoys farm animals unless they are real, then they are terrifying; sees no contradiction in wearing rubber boots with a tutu; one who carries a purse everywhere she goes, including the barn; Cami Grace. I was trying to keep it simple for the decorations. I incorporated her favorite colors—pink, purple and green with the Farm Princess theme through table cloths, runners, and bandanas. I brought farm toys that she already had for the table centerpieces and used cow-spotted paper goods.


We celebrated at the nearby lake, which turned out to be a stress free way to entertain guests. This location came with free pavilions, a grill, and beautiful views of the lake. It also had nice bathrooms, which is more than I can say for our house right now. All of our guests were asked to wear their favorite farm gear to the event.

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We served farmy foods for lunch including watermelon, baked beans, chips, and lemonade. We also grilled hot dogs and locally grown corn on the cob during the party. Instead of cake, we all had cupcakes from a local bakery that I topped with adorable mini farm animals.

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Cami Grace loved her gifts. It was amazing to see how much she has grown since her last birthday. Cami opened the presents almost completely by herself with very little help. She oohed and awed over the pretty outfits, and when she opened toys she squealed and started playing with them immediately.



Thank you, Gama, Pampa, Aunt Wissy, Aunt Hote, Uncle Ded, and Aunt Sawa. I really loved having you all there to celebrate my special day.


Cami Grace




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