Farmhouse Layout

Farmhouse Layoutfeatured


To clear up any confusion that you might be having about the layout of the farmhouse let’s look at some sketches on my bulletin board.

The farmhouse is roughly 1,450 sq. ft. In 1893 that was a nice size farmhouse and with the five bedrooms could accommodate a large family. Being a modern day family of three we feel it is a good size for us. However, I don’t think I could live here with more than two children because of the lack of closet and storage space. Here is a rough sketch of the first floor of our Folk Victorian farmhouse.


Here is my sketch of the second floor.


I wanted to show you something else I have on bulletin board that makes me smile. This is a drawing my niece Abigail did of Bryarton Farm.


I am planning to start showing you concept sketches of each room as part of the posts. I hope that these will help you in visualizing what we are doing and where we are going with the renovation. Keep checking on our progress.


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