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We have lived on the farm for three weeks or so now and I still feel like we’re just getting started. There is not one room in the farmhouse that is completely settled. A few rooms are painted but have no lights. Some rooms have no floors, while others (like the kitchen) have no floor, ceiling or walls.


To keep the kitchen demo mess out of the rest of the house, we boarded up the doorway to that whole side of the house. So now we have to go out the front door then back in through the side door to get to the bathroom. Here you can see the mini fridge and a microwave on the back porch which serve as our temporary kitchen.

the temporary kitchen

the temporary kitchen

Everything is so crazy! We are working on things as we can and there is a long road ahead before the farmhouse feels like a complete home. I am hanging on to God’s promise that he will never leave me or forsake me, even through this ”Camping out” in my own house experience. Patience has never been my best quality.

* By the way, it was really cold last night. I don’t know if that’s a Kansas thing, to be cold in July. But…it made the middle of the night trip to the restroom (which as you know includes going outside) even less fun. Crazy stuff!


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