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As an artist I have learned that when I feel an inspiration coming on I need to use that energy and crank out some pieces. Yesterday was one of those days. Here are a few things I worked on.

DSC_0023 copy

I am what is referred to as a “starving artist” because at this point in my life I am not really making much money off  my work, or able to purchase many art supplies. But I am totally okay with that because it gives me the freedom to paint pieces that I love, and that I want in my home. It’s fun to think up creative ways to make my unique pieces. I love to use repurposed canvas and cheap paint. This dreamy version of Bryarton Farm is painted over a framed picture I got for $3 from a thrift shop.

DSC_00243-e1406395359405 copy

I was in the mood for rich saturated color and used an impressionistic technique. This means that all my brush strokes are very loose and nothing is super realistic. Then after a trip to our 1893 barn to get a piece of scrap wood, I made this fun little sign for my entryway.


I actually appreciate being a “starving artist”. I get to paint what I want on my own time and there is a lot of freedom in that. Then when I’m tired of a piece I can sell it or give it away as a gift. The real beauty, though, is using what God wired me with to serve my church or help out a friend.


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