Meet Stewart, the large field mouse we found in a dresser.


I got this cool antique dresser for a crazy $35 because all the drawers were falling apart and some hardware was missing. When you use a dresser as a sink you have to cut holes in the drawers or take them out to make room for the pluming.  This is why repurposing a broken dresser makes a great vanity for a sink.


I wanted to refinish the top in an expresso colored stain and paint the bottom tan since I already had both. My husband brought the dresser from the barn where he had stashed it a couple weeks ago. As he was removing the hardware for me, a large mommy mouse jumped out of a drawer. It made Michael jump with a yell.


When I arrived on the scene Michael was gingerly opening another drawer to reveal a fluffy nest and a very protective daddy mouse. We affectionately named him Stewart. Michael tried everything to get that brave mouse to leave the dresser. He dumped the nest on the ground, hit the dresser repeatedly with a stick, and yelled at it, but Stewart would not leave his post.


Finally, Michael used part of a drawer to scoop the daddy mouse out. Instead of running into the field, like the mommy mouse had, the daddy ran straight for me. Of course I screamed like a complete girl. Stewart was hard to get rid of  but when we eventually chased him up a tree we could get to work on the dresser (I know, I had no idea mice could climb trees).





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