The Nursery (part 2)

The Nursery (part 2)featured

We had to cut a hole in the plaster wall to get the white washed armoire up those crazy stairs. The landing was just an inch too small. Bummer!


What’s one more whole to patch, right?

I also refinished a dresser with an attached mirror which will function as her changing table while holding most of her clothes. I found this piece kinda by accident driving home one day. I noticed there was a little country store just off the highway run by an adorable older couple who also sold a few antiques out of their tool shed.





This piece is in great condition but I wanted it to match the armoire and feel like a set. I used the same white wash technique on the base. Then I changed the stain on the top from an oak orange to an expresso brown.


Now that I have these two key pieces in the room it is really starting to feel more like a nursery.

DSC_0698 DSC_0713

I still need to find a crib that we can get up the stairs. 🙂 Right now Cami Grace is sleeping in her pack-n-play. I also need to finish hanging up photos and art on the walls and do some major de-cluttering.


This nursery just can’t hold that many toys. I will have to make some more places around the house for her to keep her playthings.

Do you have any ideas? Leave a comment.


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