The Preacher’s Door/ Office

The Preacher’s Door/ Officefeatured

“What is a preacher’s door,” You may ask? Well, I will show you. When we first bought the farmhouse we were quite puzzled by the two front doors so close to each other. When we asked some local knowledgable people they helped it all make sense. In the 1800s, before TV and internet, you’re monthly visit of the local preacher was a special event. It was so special the farmers of means would build their homes in such a way that the visiting preacher or visiting guests would not have to walk through their simple living areas but through a designated door that went straight into the formal parlor.

The door on the left leads straight into what is our dining room. The door on the right is the preacher’s door leading into the living room.


This what the preacher’s door looked like from the inside when we first moved in. Cami Grace is standing in the dining room. The archway is a 1930s addition which opened up what once was a set of small french doors.

livingroom before 2

We didn’t need two front doors and this corner of the living room was kind of a dead zone so we turned it into our office area. DSC_0037

I chose a Mexican harvest table and some discontinued chairs as our office furniture to create a partners desk with character. We love having a space to work together while watching Cami Grace play, however there is a bit of a storage issue. We will have to work on that.

DSC_0039 DSC_0041




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