White Washed Armoire

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In our Victorian cottage in Georgia Cami Grace’s room was huge I had so many decorating options. She had large windows, 12ft ceilings, a closet, and even a fire place. The perfect princess room.


When we moved to the farmhouse her room was more of a normal size (8ft x 11ft), but there are no closet, only a row of hooks along one wall.


Back in the 1800’s people didn’t have many clothes and armoires were popular storage. We found a hutch for $125 at an antique shop in town. It’s small size will function in the space better than a full size armoire and toddlers don’t tend to have as much clothes as mommies do. Our plan is to hang dresses in the top part, use the small drawers for accessories, and cabinets on the bottom for toys.

DSC_0594 DSC_0596

We got it for a good deal, but I wasn’t in love with the orangey stain so I decided to give it a whitewash look. This would also keep Cami Grace’s room feeling light, which is important in small rooms. Whitewash is a watered down paint technique that is meant to have a more free/sloppy application.

DSC_0602 DSC_0605

I love how the whitewash brings out the details and adds character at the same time. I got so excited about this project that I didn’t stop to change out of my church clothes. Somehow I didn’t ruin my dress though.




I am planning to add vintage knobs to all four doors soon. What do you think? Do you like the new look?



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