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I was worried that Cami Grace had been scarred for life by the arrival of the baby chicks, but she has really grown to love the “Tittens” as she calls them.


Over the past several days she has asked repeatedly to pet them and give them kisses. Cami Grace loves the “Lellow” ones the best.

DSC_0742  DSC_0733

We have removed the bottom of one of the cages we found and made a great little running pen. Every morning after breakfast, we move the chicks from their cozy box with a light and let them experience nature.


They seem to enjoy the fresh air and extra room to play. Their little feathers are beginning to sprout on their wings. The brown chicks which are Easter Eggers are sporting beautiful speckled plumage. The yellow chicks are Cochins and are beginning to show their milky white plumage and feathered legs.

DSC_0740   DSC_0726

It is very hard for Mommy to see her baby girl and baby chickens growing up so fast.


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