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The most rewarding part of being an artist is seeing people really enjoy your creations. Just before we left Georgia Cami Grace’s little friend Addie was turning three. Her Mommy asked me to help make some toddler games for the circus themed birthday party. Here is a view of what we came up with.


When I am creating a piece for someone I love, like Addie and her sweet family, I am having so much fun that time itself stops. This is how Michael and I worked till 2 in the morning. We made a clown bean bag toss game and a pin the tail on the elephant game. Michael’s job was to cut the wood I needed and design how the games would function. He had quite a time cutting the hole for the clown’s mouth.

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My goal with the bean bag toss game was to create a happy, girly clown that no child could possibly be scared of. Michael attached the two pieces of wood with small hinges so this game could be folded up for easy storage.

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With the pin the tail on the elephant game I wanted to create a piece that could also double as artwork for Addie’s room. Using gray felt for the body of the elephant allowed the 12 velcro backed tails to stick to it.

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The children had a blast going around the ring of games set up in Addie’s backyard. In addition to these two games, Addie’s Mommy had a small trampoline for acrobatics, a baby pool filled with balls for clowning around in, a fishing game for capturing prizes, and me doing face painting. On toddlers, this is best done quick and simple.

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I think that Cami Grace’s favorite part was sitting with all her little friends eating homemade chocolate cupcakes. Addie’s Mommy did such a wonderful job making a party that all the little ones enjoyed.


We really miss all our friends from our Life Group in Georgia. We truly wish that you would all move to Kansas. Love you bunches! XOXO


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