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I haven’t posted very faithfully the past few weeks for two reasonsI have been very sick, and because we haven’t gotten much done around here to post about. We are still waiting on the people at Home Depot to get over here and put the tile in our upstairs bathroom. We paid them and ordered the tile 52 days ago. This seems like forever to a sick mommy. I was laying on the couch feeling pretty bad when my sweet hubby surprised me with a bouquet of wild sunflowers.


This not only took me by surprise but totally cheered me up. I couldn’t believe that theses gorgeous rays of sunshine were growing wild all along our gravel road.


God is truly the best gardener I know. His handy work has inspired me to count my blessings instead of dwelling on the negative stuff. He has given me such a wonderful husband, a precious baby girl, a new home and provided Michael with a great new job.

DSC_0106  DSC_0089

The sunflowers are an amazing reminder of His love for me. It might sound silly but I feel like out of all the wild flowers He could have put outside my door, He chose to put sunflowers as a love note to me. I say this because sunflowers just happen to be my favorite flowers in the world. They were in my wedding.

wed3  wed4

Thank you God for this simple reminder!


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