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I have had a few projects in the nursery that I needed Michael to help me with, but every time he was available Cami Grace seemed to be taking a nap. This week we were finally able to plan around her schedule and really make some progress in her room.

DSC_0708  DSC_0694

We started by hanging this sweet little banner above her changing table. This was originally part of a “Happy 1st Birthday Camdyn” banner, that Michael used his amazing calligraphy skills to create last year. My next order of business was to have him hang some pretty arrangements on the wall. This may sound like a very simple task, but I struggle with the whole “hanging things straight” process.


When left up to me this is usually the outcome. These are the only pieces in the space that I hung myself. Notice how the paintings gradually get lower and farther apart, instead of being level and evenly spaced. Michael will have to redo this wall, after we get Cami Grace a real bed.


Michael did a great job hanging this arrangement. I love to incorporate mirrors across the room from each other. This technique helps bounce the light around and make a room feel bigger. Isn’t it also great how simple sticks from the yard can add so much texture to a room, when placed in a stylish vase?


The room is so close to being done. We just need a bed fit for a princess. We have been looking for a crib, but now that she is 2 we are leaning towards possibly getting a big girl bed instead. Michael and I make a pretty good team. I style the room and he does the math to make it shine. I guess that means I married the right guy!



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