The Chicks are Here

The Chicks are Herefeatured


The newest members of our farm family have arrived!

We were all so excited to welcome the 13 fuzzy chicks to Bryarton Farm.


I wonder how it felt to be only 24 hours old and be shipped cross country in a box? Michael had to drive out and picked up the box from our little country post office.


When he arrived back home we told Cami Grace that the baby chicks were here and she was so happy. However, when I set down the box and actually showed Cami Grace a real chick, she was terrified. I guess chickens in books are less intimidating.



Cami Grace was very hesitant to pet or even go near the chicks for a few days, but slowly she is beginning to warm up to them.


Maybe we are crazy, but we love to sit as a family and watch the chicks play. They have been endless entertainment. The chicks are all so busy pecking, running, cheeping, and eating.


Watching them is better than watching TV!


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