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A Floor Named Texasfeatured

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Being turned down for beautiful marble tile flooring was so disappointing. However, after researching flooring options that would work in our bathroom situation, we found a great substitute from a very unlikely source. “Luxury vinyl”, which sounds like an oxymoron, actually comes in some pretty convincing patterns. The one we settled on is called “Texas” and resembles rustic barn wood floor.

texas floor

It is a third of the price of marble tile, in part because of the easy self-installation process. We have to wait about ten days for our order to come in, but once the vinyl is installed we can put the rest of the bathroom reno into high gear. Because of your positive feedback on our kitchen plan post we have put together a similar presentation of the upstairs bath.


Hopefully, you can see from my sketch that, like the kitchen, we will be incorporating period antique pieces with modern fabrics and decor. With this partnership we can easily change out the inexpensive elements that are dictated by fast paced trends. (Yes, that is an exposed chimney next to the toilet.)


Keeping the fixtures in the bathroom as historically accurate to the farmhouse’s age as possible will enable these elements to remain throughout the years no matter the trend. This room was originally a tiny bedroom. It was one of the only ones to come with an actual closet. Since that closet is unnecessary and shares a wall with our bedroom, we plan to someday open it up. This would make it more of a master suite.


As the weather here in Kansas begins to cool down, my sense of urgency in finishing this bathroom is heightening. We are still hiking out the front door around the house and into the closed off downstairs bathroom anytime we hear nature calling. Cami Grace is also still enjoying her outdoor baths in a bucket, while the grownups endure gingerly using the disgusting shower in the treacherous renovation zone. Such is the life of any crazy person living in the place they are DIY renovating on a serious budget.

Oh the stories we will be able to tell our grandkids as they tour the farm one day.


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