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When I was pregnant with Camdyn two years ago we lived in Georgia, where Michael’s family lives. It was so fun to see their reaction at Christmas when they found out that their present from us would be their new grand baby. My parents got an exciting Christmas phone call to hear the good news. Now that we live in Kansas and our second child is on the way, we flipped it and told my parents in person and Michael’s parents over the phone.

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My parents live a few hours away, so we planned a special trip to come visit them. We told them that we wanted to go visit a local ranch together. On their own my parents suggested that afterwards we could meet at their farm for a family cookout. This was perfect because mom was getting all my siblings and my college brother’s girlfriend together for me. No one would suspect that we were doing anything out of the ordinary.

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We spent all day enjoying the perfect fall weather at the ranch. Cami Grace cautiously petted goats, baby cows, and a mini donkey. The scenery took our breath away as the prairie landscapes were colored with the first signs of Autumn.

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We climbed the rocky pathways that led to the ranch’s beautiful lodge and barns. Though the whole family was exploring, talking, and laughing together, Michael and I were a little distracted by the secret that we were bursting to tell.

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That night after we had all stuffed ourselves with grilled hot dogs, baked potatoes, salad, veggies, and brownies, Michael announced that he wanted to take a family photo. The whole family gathered around the window seat in the kitchen, except my brother Justus who was at college. Michael set the timer and we took a cheesy family pic.

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Then He said “ Let’s take one more”, but this time he stayed behind the camera. After the usual “1… 2… 3” I pulled my ultrasound picture out of my pocket and yelled “we’re gonna have a baby”. Here are a few of our favorite reactions that Michael was able to capture as the news sunk in.

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