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Because all our plans on the upstairs bathroom have hit a speed bump, we have temporarily turned our attention to the kitchen plans. Here is a peek at what we are cooking up for our farmhouse kitchen design.

A local antique dealer allowed us to search through his backyard stash. That is where we found this gem, a 1915 cast iron farmhouse sink. After decades of laying outside in the elements this sink needed some love. Using the same technique I used to clean up the clawfoot tub, I set to work bringing the sink back to life.

Step 1: Scrub all loose rust off with a wire brush.


Step 2: Seal with 2 coats of Rust-oleum paint.


Notice the patent dates: July 13, 1900 to Aug 10, 1900. The line below has June 4, 1915 as the date the sink was cast. To have something in use today that was used almost 100 years ago is so much more special to me than just picking a sink off the shelf.


In case you haven’t been keeping up with our progress, this is recent picture of our lovely kitchen. Obviously, we have our work cut out for us. To get a better idea of our concept for the space Michael and I have combined our design strengths to create a little presentation:

Sketch of the south wall


Sketch of the north wall


Arial view of the entire kitchen


We decided to go with a galley-style layout to maximize the 14ft x 9.5ft space. Since we are doing all of the renovations on a serious budget, even a kitchen this small will take a while to complete. Though having a more thought out plan for the kitchen is a big step towards its completion, this Mommy is very impatient to have it all in living color.


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