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Our Little Additionfeatured

If the title of this post has you confused, don’t worry. We are not adding on to the farmhouse—we are adding on to the family.

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Our new little addition is due to arrive April 4th, and we can’t wait. This is the real reason that we haven’t been posting much lately. Mommy has been very sick with what is wrongly named “Morning Sickness.” It should be called “Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, and Night Sickness.” I suppose that was a bit long, so they shortened it to “Morning Sickness.”

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Some of you may be thinking, “You just moved a thousand miles away into a half-finished farmhouse, you are starting a blog with plans for a store, Michael just started a new job, Cami just hit her ‘terrific twos’, you have thirteen chicks and a Yorkie, and you decided that this was the time for baby number two? Are you crazy?!” Our thoughts: The most important thing to us in the world is our little family. One of the concerns we had for our family is making sure Cami Grace isn’t lonely.

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Living in a rural setting has many advantages, but lots of little friends is not one of them. We have always wanted our children to be close enough in age that they would play together. Michael and I have a heart for adoption and were considering that option for our next child, mainly because of the difficulties with Cami Grace’s birth. However, at this point we know that our farm would not pass a home study, and probably won’t for some time. So we decided that with all the craziness and transition in our lives we would go ahead and try, trusting that if it was God’s will that we would get pregnant.

Apparently it is.

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To keep from being overwhelmed, we have decided to prioritize and simplify our life down to what is most important. Whenever we start feeling like we are going in a million different directions, Michael and I stop and talk together about our priorities. We make a list of the things that really matter and a list of things that we want to work on in the future.

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To create margin in this season of our life we have decided to rearrange our former plans. Starting with our online Etsy store, that was set to open October 1st, will now be put off until further notice. We also won’t be posting on the blog as often. Instead of every day, it will probably be more like once a week. Renovation has slowed down since Michael has a full time job and is doing the reno himself. We are still working to get the upstairs bathroom done. Then we will focus on getting the main part of the house ready for our new addition. This will leave the kitchen and downstairs bathroom renovation till after the new baby is born and the weather warms up.

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Cami Grace is very excited about having a little sister or brother. She loves to give “her baby” kisses and hugs. We are praying for a healthy baby and a safe delivery, which will probably have to be another C-section. We are so thankful for the precious little one God has entrusted into our care.

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