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Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall Decorating Ideasfeatured

Just because we are on a very tight budget doesn’t mean I have to miss out on seasonal decorating. I like to do a few nature-inspired seasonal touches in key areas of my home to keep the holiday spirit alive. In the fall I love to bring the harvest theme into my design. Here are a few easy Read more

Pajama Farmers

Pajama Farmersfeatured

   There is a growing trend in society that allows office staff, college students, and even those out shopping to wear pajamas to their place of work, study, or play. I guess that means we here at Bryarton Farm are very trendy. Since, as I gathered the pictures for this weeks post, I realized that Read more

A Mini Bathroom Make-Over

A Mini Bathroom Make-Overfeatured

On the their way home from my grandpa’s 81st birthday party, my parents and sister were able to stop by for a few hours and help with the bathroom situation. As I have said, we have been very humbled by the recent realization that the bathroom we are adding to the farmhouse is something we Read more

Chicken Drama

Chicken Dramafeatured

The chickens aren’t little anymore! They are fully feathered just in time for the cool weather. Although we don’t have eggs yet these cuties are really starting to show their different personalities. One young rooster is starting to practice his amateur crowing, which sounds a bit like a cat being strangled.