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Just because we are on a very tight budget doesn’t mean I have to miss out on seasonal decorating. I like to do a few nature-inspired seasonal touches in key areas of my home to keep the holiday spirit alive. In the fall I love to bring the harvest theme into my design. Here are a few easy penny pinching ideas for your home.

 Bryarton Farm

DSC_0319  DSC_0327


In the farmhouse entryway an urn of $0.25 pumpkins and dried flowers greet you at the door. I found this little table a few years ago, back in Georgia, for just $20. I added new knobs to the drawers and distressed the table to highlight its charming curves. As an entry piece it sets the tone for the rest farmhouse, as well as functioning as a landing place for everything from keys to boots.

DSC_0345  DSC_0312


I am currently using an antique dresser in my dining room as a buffet. It is a perfect place to showcase a mix of artwork and fall accents. Cami Grace and I went on a nature walk to gather all the natural elements to decorate with. It was so wonderful to see fall through her little eyes as we picked up the dried leaves, sticks, and flowers. She especially liked visiting the newly harvested corn field across the road where we rescued these beautiful corn cobs and husks for the buffet.

DSC_0342  DSC_0328


I usually set out my pretty dishes on the dining room table, but since the renovation is still underway I have only unpacked a few of my favorite pieces. This ironstone bowl and platter made the cut. For effortless harvest charm I simply filled the bowl with a few corn cobs the local farmers left behind. The $2 jute placemats add texture and cover the large cracks in our farm-style dining table. We got the table for a song because of the damaged veneer. I am in love with the legs on this piece and we plan to replace the top someday.

Bryarton Cottage

DSC_0710  DSC_0704

These are shots of my entryway at Bryarton cottage in Georgia last fall. You will notice I have reused a lot of the same pieces, but kept it fresh by changing my color pallet. In the same way my old formal dining room uses nature-inspired fall accents and shares many of the core furniture pieces with the farmhouse. The transforming power of color can make the same things look fresh and new.

DSC_0766  DSC_0748


Bringing in the natural beauty of the outdoors will not only save you money on decor, but can also be really fun to collect and arrange. As an added benefit there are no storage issues since, once a new season comes along, you simply throw your decorations on the mulch pile.




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