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There is a growing trend in society that allows office staff, college students, and even those out shopping to wear pajamas to their place of work, study, or play. I guess that means we here at Bryarton Farm are very trendy. Since, as I gathered the pictures for this weeks post, I realized that in the majority of the shots of us working on the hen house and coop we were all wearing our pajamas. 

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Working in your pajamas has two advantages: 1. You are in complete comfort and 2. You keep your “going to town clothes” in perfect condition, while only dirtying and painting on your clothes no one will ever see.


We spent this weekend working on getting the chickens’ coop and house ready for them to move in this winter. At only three months old they are getting much too big for their cages and are beginning to fight. One poor hen has almost lost her tail as a result of the angry chicken mob. I will not be sharing pictures of the bloody pulp left where her tail had once been. This episode has moved the chickens’ comfort to the top of the to-do list ahead of the bathroom.

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I trimmed back the trees, brush, rubble away from the hen house. Then I painted the rusting metal roof with Rust-oleum paint and painted the hen house exterior a barn red. This will someday be the color we paint the barn itself. Meanwhile, Michael worked on repairing the broken down coop. He plans to totally rebuild it in the spring, but for now he is just making a new gate and patching the holes in the fence. We also rebuilt some ancient nesting boxes that we found on the farm.

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Cami Grace was very helpful banging on the hen house with a screw driver and watching us work with her mouth stuffed full of snacks. Every time she saw a bug she would yell “bud, bud, bud” until I came and killed it. Cami Grace loves pajama farming and just being outside with her mommy and daddy.



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