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Everyone, including us, has been dying to find out the gender of the newest member of our little family. This Monday night was the Gender Reveal Party at my parents’ house. We had a big meal together during which we passed around a ballot. Each guest had to cast their vote for what they guessed the gender of our new baby would be. The losers would have to clear the table, load the dishwasher, and clean the entire kitchen.


After much deliberation, the votes came to five favoring boy and two favoring girl as the gender of our baby. Then, we brought out the Vanilla Bean cupcakes that held the secret that everyone had been waiting to hear.

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Everyone bit into their cupcake to find pink, sparkly, raspberry filling – it’s a girl! That meant that not only would there be a lot of people cleaning up the kitchen, but also that we are incredibly blessed to be welcoming another baby girl into our family. We are tickled pink!

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At 20 weeks I am feeling great other than being a bit tired. I am definitely in my nesting stage now and have been cleaning, painting, and decorating like a crazy pregnant girl. Last week I spent about five hours painting the dining room ceiling. This surge of energy will be gone for my last trimester, so I know I have a limited amount of time to get ready for this little princess.

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Camdyn can’t wait to meet her baby sister, Avonlee Rose Floyd, and neither can we! I am sure she will be a good second mommy. Although it will be a big transition for all of us with the farm being under construction, we know that God’s timing is always perfect. He knew we needed precious Avonlee in our lives.

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We came up with the name Avonlee Rose by combining my two favorite book series growing up. Her first name is from the Anne of Green Gables books by Lucy Maud Montgomery that are set in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, Canada. We are spelling it Avonlee to honor my mother and Michael’s father who share the middle name Lee. This spelling is less likely to be mispronounced as well. It means “Field near the river” and is of English origin. Her middle name came from The Little House books whose main character and author Laura Ingalls Wilder names her baby Rose.

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Here on Bryarton Farm we anxiously await Avonlee Rose’s arrival in March of 2015.


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