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We truly do most of our living in the living room. In all the chaos of the farmhouse renovation, the living room continues to be our oasis. An escape where we can all go to pretend we live in a finished home. I have done a few new things to spruce up this already cozy spot, so I thought I would post a little update.


teal chair  livingroom

I love to color with Camdyn in her Strawberry Shortcake coloring book at the partners desk. It is also the hub of our operations at Bryarton Farm. I try to keep very few accessories on the desk so that we can easily work on the blog together, but I seem to always be battling a pile of bills, crayons, and a myriad of random papers. The bill organizer I snagged at Goodwill for $5 and freshened with a coat of paint helps with this fight. I love how the collage of old sheet music, dried flowers, and photos nestled in a wreath helps to warm up the office area and give it a relaxed homey feel.


The couch is another spot I have played with. The addition of the antique platter arrangement above the artwork draws the eye upwards, making the ceiling appear taller. I painted the three-part country landscape on old cabinet doors, which provides the added bonus of  built-in frames.

DSC_0379  living room

Grandma supplied the antique school desk by giving it to Cami Grace for her second birthday. I am borrowing it for now as an end table for the left side of the couch. It has been a great place for corralling blankets, books, and my sewing box. We are still on the hunt for a little chair with some Victorian details to complete the desk. When I find such a chair I will hand over the desk to Camdyn for coloring her masterpieces on.

chandalier  DSC_0373

It will be a long time before we can justify adding electrical to the ceiling in the living room with so many other pressing costs looming ahead. I decided that even if I couldn’t have it lit, I wanted to go ahead and hang the living room chandelier. First of all, it is very fragile and being in a box was stressing the arms, but mostly I just craved the sparkle it adds to the room. Using some left over burlap ribbon from the curtain extensions, I made a chain cover to hide the fact that it isn’t really connected.

couch DSC_0387

I hope to someday soon put a seat on this antique french chair. It is my one of my favorite roadside finds of all time. I always dreamed of owning a beautiful  chair like this one, but they never seemed to be under $200 anywhere I looked. Free is definitely in my price range, and I don’t mind having to fix it up a bit. There just never seems to be the perfect time to do it. So for now it will continue to look like a fancy toilet in our living room.





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