The Little Chair & the Ceiling

The Little Chair & the Ceilingfeatured

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We are making some real headway on the new bathroom. Last weekend my parents came for the day to help move the project forward. The girls all went shopping for the perfect lil chair for Camdyn’s desk, while the guys worked on the beadboard ceiling treatment. We both had great success in our respective ventures.

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Progress has been very slow on this bathroom for several reasons, the main one being that we didn’t really have the tools to do the job. Michael was putting up the drywall and beadboard mostly by himself, using a good old fashion hammer and nails. This was working slowly, but surely until he started to put up the ceiling treatment. The 121 year original plaster ceiling is very fragile and hammering above his head made the job almost impossible. (There is a reason none of the ceiling remodel tutorials online used Michael’s technique.)

DSC_0004nail gun

My parents noticed that Michael had begun to only work on the bathroom when they came over. What he really needed was a nail gun like my dad’s. So they surprised him with an early birthday present: a TNT air compressor and nail gun of his very own. Michael is super excited especially since this tool will help with a lot of the projects we need to do on the farm. Below are shots of the progress that my dad and hubby accomplished so far.


Before                                                  After

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The picture on the left was taken just a few months ago. The one on the right shows what it looks like now that the beadboard has been added to the ceiling and walls. What a difference! This is the kind of stuff that makes my pulse quicken. I love seeing my vision for a space start to materialize!

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Believe it or not there is still quite a bit to do on this ceiling and bathroom. Next, Michael will be caulking all the tiny cracks between the boards and giving the ceiling another coat of paint. This will be followed by the crown molding and painting the walls. Finally, Michael will put up the vent covers he is planning to make from this decorative metal mesh. Then he can install the flooring, baseboards, and all the fixtures. Which is a lot left to do, but at least we have Cami Grace’s coloring corner completed, right?

Before                                                    After

DSC_0379  lil chair

The new deadline for this crazy bathroom is March 30th, the day our new baby is born. We would appreciate all your prayers to help make that happen!


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