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Michael and I recently celebrated our Five Year Anniversary. We choose romantic Rose Cottage in historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas as the perfect getaway.

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Actually, Michael secretly chose this cottage because he knew that it is much easier for me to relax in such a beautifully decorated place. We first heard of Rose Cottage in the March 2014 issue of Country Living. I fell in love with it, but never thought that we would be able to afford to stay there (which we probably couldn’t, but we did it anyway). So when we arrived it was quite a shock. I couldn’t believe that I had stepped into a magazine and would be staying there for two whole days!

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This charming Carpenter Gothic cottage was originally a maze of tiny rooms when it was built in 1900. Then in the mid-1980’s several walls were removed to create its current (very) open concept. The downstairs now flows like a studio apartment, seamlessly transitioning from kitchen to dining to living to bedroom with no barriers. In the past few years a new owner has purchased the cottage. She has done a lot of much needed renovation and maintenance. I was most impressed with all of her design choices which gave the space its farmhouse-chic style. The cottage’s airy and comfortable atmosphere was achieved through the use of light colors, sparkling chandeliers, and rustic finishes.

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According to a local antique dealer, the cedar pointed-arch windows and French doors were salvaged from an old high school and added during the 1980’s renovation. The attic has been converted into a private second master suite complete with glass shower and a cozy reading nook. We didn’t want to pay the extra fee required to make it available so that part of the cottage remained locked.

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Every morning Michael and I enjoyed our breakfast and coffee on the wrap-around-porch that spilled out from the arched French doors in the bedroom. The view, overlooking historic downtown Eureka Springs, was still splashed with the remaining colors of fall. Though it was a bit chilly, we also enjoyed some quiet moments in the scenic terraced backyard that sloped down towards the town. We found ourselves not wanting to ever leave, and return to our half-finished farmhouse.

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Being our first time away from our daughter over night, I was nervous about how she would react to our leaving her with my parents. But she did not cry once or even seem to miss us when I called to check on her. She was having so much fun being the center of attention and playing with all the exciting toys at Gama’s house. Tea parties, Elmo coloring books, dancing in dress-up clothes, and endless snacks cured her of any thoughts of Mommy. Which was truly a miracle and gift from God since she is about the most mommy-addicted kid I know.

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Because the weather was cold and I was pregnant, we knew that our visit to Eureaka Springs would be more about relaxation and about spending much-needed time together, rather than about activities and adventures. We spent most of our visit strolling through the little shops that lined quaint streets and quietly reading our favorite books curled up together by the fire with cocoa in hand. One evening, we did splurge and treat ourselves to an amazing gourmet meal at Ermillio’s Italian Restaurant, located in a nearby Victorian house.

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The most meaningful thing about our anniversary that outshone our gorgeous cottage, breathtaking Ozark mountain views, and even the break from the baby was the anniversary gift my husband gave me: a 1920’s wedding band and a heartfelt love letter.


To understand the significance of the ring you must know that my passion for antiques extends even to my jewelry. When Michael and I got married five years ago, it was my great grandmother’s 1920’s wedding ring that Michael placed on my finger. My Great Grandma Ellis was born in Poland in 1900, and sometime around age 11 she and her family immigrated to the US. Several times as a kid I snuck into my mother’s jewelry box to try on the most beautiful and unique ring I had ever seen. At that time the 18k white gold band was missing the center stone and one of the tiny side diamonds, but it still captivated me with its scrolling details and the little pair of harps etched into each side.

wedding ring

Now on our fifth anniversary Michael was finally able to afford to get me a wedding band to go along side my great grandmother’s ring. It is an equally unique 18k white gold 1920’s band set with five small diamonds (one for each year we have been together) and hand-etched all over with flowers.

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I feel so blessed to be sharing my life with this man God gave me. He is my best friend, my kindred spirit, my true love. Happy anniversary, Baby! I can’t wait to see what crazy adventures God has in store for us in our years to come. I know that whatever may come our way with His help together we can overcome it!

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