Farmhouse Bathroom Reveal

Farmhouse Bathroom Revealfeatured

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The moment we have been waiting for is finally here! After 9 months of spending every spare minute of our time and energy, the master bathroom is finished. Transforming this tiny 7 x 11 bedroom into a bathroom was one of the hardest things Michael and I have ever done, but it has also been very rewarding. We have learned a lot about carpentry, plumbing, electrical, interior design, and each other. What we are sharing with you today is a room that we can truly say made us more patient people, closer spouses, and real DIY survivors.

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DSC_0062 DSC_0252 Master bath before

We started by ripping out the old carpet, then we removed the hardwood floor and exposed the chimney and one wall. It was all down hill from there. The only professional work we hired out was replacing the knob and tube wiring and some of the plumbing. The rest of the master bathroom we did painstakingly by ourselves with the occasional help from my amazing parents.

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We knew when we bought our 1893 fixer upper farm that we would have to “rough it” for a time while the renovations were under way. We had no idea that creating a master bathroom ourselves would take 9 months. Cami Grace has been the toughest of us all; she doesn’t mind all the craziness. The farmhouse’s existing bathroom could only be used for showering, so we bathed her in a bucket. She has loved both her bucket baths and now bathing in the new clawfoot tub.

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I really enjoyed painting this calf with her pet chicken to go above the toilet. I think it brings a touch of farm nostalgia to help balance out the chic elements like the antique crystal chandelier. I also repeated the color pallete and Moroccan motif that I painted on the walls of our master bedroom. This made the two spaces feel like a cohesive master suite.

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We are so thankful to the Lord for allowing us to complete this monumental feat before the birth of our second little princess Avonlee Rose next month. We also want to give credit to my mom and dad who selflessly came as often as they could to give us a hand. We could not have done this without their support. Now it’s on to the next project….

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Farmhouse Bathroom Source List:

Wall Color – Incandescent by Valspar (Similar to Sea Foam by Sherman Williams)

Wall Design – Handpainted (Check out my tutorial for DIY instruction – link )

Trim Color – Off the shelf white by ColorPlace – WalMart

Floor – Texas by Topeka Flooring

Clawfoot Tub, Mirror, Chandalier, & Sconces – Antiques from local shops

Rugs, Towels, & Towel Hooks – Burlington

Tub & Vanity Faucets – Oil Brushed Bronze by Kingston Brass on EBay

Vanity with Marble Top & Sink – Home Depot ( Discontinued Floor Model )

Vanity Hardware – Cast Iron Reproduction by Hobby Lobby

Sconce Shades – Burlap by Hobby Lobby

Cow Painting – My Original Work ( You can commission me to create a custom painting for you by contacting me via email or check out what is currently available in my shop. Email – or Shop – )







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