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In our master suite we have come up with some simple, yet stylish solutions for design problems that many of you might be struggling with as well. As we get closer to the big master bathroom reveal we wanted to share a few of the small details that are making our master suite a show-stopping example of vintage farmhouse design.

1. Step Stool

DSC_0415 DSC_0416

Problem: We needed a bathroom stool to help Cami Grace reach the sink, but I wanted something with character and a vintage flare. After searching antique shops and thrift stores, I found a few beautiful pieces, but nothing that felt sturdy enough for daily use by a two year old.

DSC_0596 DSC_0600

Solution: Buy a brand new step-stool and make it look old. This way I could have a beautiful vintage farmhouse stool without sacrificing structural integrity. I picked up this little “milking stool” from a hobby shop for $15. I used an expresso stain over the whole piece and then painted and distressed the legs.

2. Dressing mirror

DSC_0727 DSC_0726

Problem: I spent a lot of time searching for a full length mirror with character (I know this one is strictly a girl problem). Every master suite needs a full length mirror for dressing. All the ones I could find were crazy expensive or super-modern looking.


DSC_0550 DSC_0539

Solution: I had to look past the awful pink roses and baby blue paint on this $12 Goodwill mirror to see it as a jewel. I transformed it into a vintage looking piece by painting the entire frame cocoa brown. Then, to subtly bring out the carved details and coordinate it with the bathroom, I dry-brushed the frame with same expresso stain.

3. Custom Vents


DSC_0380 DSC_0382

Problem: The 122-year-old ceiling was severely damaged during the master bathroom renovation.  As we refinished the ceiling in vintage farmhouse style beadboard, we noticed that against the beautiful new ceiling, the builder’s grade exhaust fan and air vent became modern eyesores.

DSC_0421 DSC_0407

DSC_0409 DSC_0400

Solution: (Michael gets complete credit for this ingenious solution) We purchased some pretty metal mesh, that is often used to make radiator covers in old farmhouses, from the hardware store. Then, using leftover trim from the bathroom reno, Michael created these custom covers for the exhaust fan and air vent. He mounted them to the ceiling with simple screws for easy maintenance access.



I think they look very “vintage farmhouse” and beautiful next to my chandelier. How often can you say that about the ventilation system in your bathroom? Hope these 3 simple and inexpensive ideas are inspirational and that you enjoyed a sneak peak at the bathrooms progress. We can’t wait to show you the finished master bathroom soon.


What did you think of our suite design solutions? Do you think you will implement these ideas into your home? We would love to brainstorm solutions with you, so let us know what design problems you are facing. Check back on our comments section and subscribe to get all our future posts.


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