Camdyn’s Room Reveal

Camdyn’s Room Revealfeatured

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When we first moved to the farm Cami Grace’s nursery got a quick make-over, but there were so many things vying for our attention that we never quite finished her room. Today we are sharing a more complete space showcasing her crib, which up until this week was still stashed in the barn.

The Before

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As I look back at the before shots of this tiny 8 x 11 room with no closet, I am reminded of how much we really have done over the last nine months to create a serene nursery.


Besides ripping out the gross carpet, scrubbing every surface, patching the damaged plaster, replacing the wiring, and painting we also sanded and restained the floors. These once beautiful fir floors had what appeared to be candle burns everywhere, so we chose a dark expresso stain to camoflauge the black marks. The walls are a pale coral pink and we chose to paint all the Folk Victorian trim semi-gloss white to hide the severe nail and screw damage. What a difference…

The After

Cami room cami room14

cami room 2

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cami room1

At 2 ½ Camdyn is still in a crib, so we are planing to let her stay in the nursery till her new sister Avonlee is ready to move out of our room. By then we hope to be done renovating the third bedroom. For now she is enjoying having her own little space where she can read, play, and tend to her babies.

cami room17 cami room 8

cami room8

Some of the great finds that make up this “vintage farmhouse” style nursery include her $19 Wal-Mart clearance rug, $125 white washed armoire, $150 changing table/dresser, $5 antique rocking horse, and $120 consignment store crib. All of these (except the rug) were pieces that I refinished using simple painting, distressing, and antiquing techniques. I feel this gives them a more updated look and helps each piece better reflect our design aesthetic.

Crib Before


Crib After

cami room 6

cami room10 cami room13

Rocking Horse Before 



cami room15

There are a few things I plan to add to the nursery once my doctor gives me the “OK” to be back on ladders. I am hand-painting one of my favorite scripture verses over the crib: Psalm 91:4. I also would like to refinish the ceiling and add crown moulding. Those things will probably have to wait till the nursery belongs to Avonlee. For now we are so thankful to have yet another room in the farmhouse complete.

cami room9

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