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Spring is just around the corner! Since it is still the beginning of March, we were all pleasantly surprised to find what this touch of warm weather brought our little Bryarton Farm.

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Our chickens are now 8 months old and feeling productive in this weekend’s 50° weather. Cami Grace was so excited to reach into the nests and find three gorgeous blue-green eggs. She loved counting “one, two, twee” as she gently held her treasures. She couldn’t wait to show her “tickens” what she had found in their house.

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Lizzy, Mary, Lidia, Georgiana and famed rooster Mr. Darcy are Araucanas or “Easter Eggers”. This breed of chicken is as colorful in their feathers as they are in their blue-green eggs. Our fluffy white rooster Mr. Bingley and his hens Maggie, Jane, Emma, Kitty, Elenore, and Fanny are of the Cochin variety. They have yet to lay their beautiful brown eggs.

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The only downside to having such colorful eggs would be that this Easter we won’t really be able to dye our farm’s eggs. When I was a little girl I remember trying to dye the colored eggs from my family’s farm. It was so frustrating to dip a brown egg into the purple and then pull out a sickly blackish egg. When I put a blue egg into the orange I got a gross brownish color.


I guess God is in charge of decorating our eggs this year and I kinda like it that way!


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