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I recently had a request to write a post sharing where I find the unique pieces which make up the “Bryarton Farm Look”. I want to encourage all of you mommies who desire to replacate the vintage farmhouse look, but don’t know where to start. So once a month I will feature one room in my home and tell where I found the key pieces and give you an idea of how much it cost me to get the look. We will start with the living space.


Before I start, I think it is worth noting that I am a stay at home mom and my husband loads trucks for a living. Though we dream of making money off our blog someday we have yet to pursue that plan. So obviously we are not making much money, but I feel that we are still able to create a cozy home with a high-end look on a very tight budget. Getting the farmhouse look may be within your grasp after all.

Almost every piece in this space falls into 4 categories: Thrift store finds, Roadside finds, antique shop finds, or Hand-made.

Thrift store finds

The secrets to finding the greatest pieces at a thrift store are “go often” and “don’t be afraid to dig”. By that I mean most thrift stores have a chaotic pile of stuff that is always moving in and out. You never know what might show up on the shelf and you may not find anything if you are expecting them to put out a display.

  • Horse pillow – $2
  • Turquoise chair – $30
  • End table – $7
  • Toy box/coffee table – $12

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Roadside finds

If you are not sure whether something is trash or feel uncomfortable about someone seeing you in their trash, just knock on the door and ask. Chances are the trash owner would be happy to know that their previously loved trash is now someone else’s treasure. You might have to give your roadside find some work, but that is part of the fun. Now that I live way out in the country I sadly don’t find as many roadside jewels.

  • French chair – free
  • Enormous jute rug – free

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Antique shop finds

Most antique shops are way out of my price range, but I see it as a treasure hunt and I can usually find some good deals. Because everything is used this is a great place to do some haggling. I get a little nervous about talking down a price, but my hubby has no problem with it. I love bringing him along to help load the car too!

  • Vintage mirror – $35
  • Vintage sconce – $3
  • Vintage mantle – $200
  • Vintage chandelier – $80

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Ever since I was a little girl I loved creating beautiful things. Though the first real art class I took was in college, I knew from an early age that I would be an artist. I also learned to make things myself since buying decor “new” was a luxury. Not everyone is a designer, but I believe that God gave everyone the ability to create beauty in their own way. If not with paint, with wood, or with cloth, then maybe through music, writing, or dance. We all have talents to use to glorify Him and you may discover the artist in yourself when you create “a home” as I did.

  • Barn door made from junk – free
  • Hand-painted monogram on a pillow insert – free
  • Farm sign painted over old mirror – free
  • Three part landscape painted on old cabinet doors – free

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I don’t always know where or how I will use a new piece; I just know I love it. I often choose to repaint or fix-up my finds to give them a new life. Remember there are no rules to country decorating, express your personality. Simply surround yourself with farmhouse style pieces you really love and you will have the perfect nest.

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