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One of the great things about renovating a home on your own is that you are forced to take it slow. This provides more time to think through all possibilities. When Michael chose to spend some of his saved birthday money on home design software, we were able to come up with a completely new plan for the downstairs layout that more efficiently met the needs of our growing family.

Old Layout


New Layout Plan


We still intend to stay within the original footprint and classic silhouette of the farmhouse. We wish to avoid the “unsightly add-on look” as well as sky rocketing the budget. Bigger is not always better. The challenge is how to make a home designed in the 19th century fit our 21st century lifestyle without compromising character, quality, and charm.

FrontDoor View1


kitchen window

The new plan will add a second archway and swap the bedroom and kitchen. We not only get a bigger kitchen, but we also get a master suite on the main floor. This new layout allows the girls to both be upstairs giving them their own space. That will be important as they get older.




One of the many reasons we fell in love with this 1893 farmhouse was because it had so many original details. Staying true to the “Folk Victorian farmhouse” aesthetic is very high on the priority list. Things like the original millwork, windows, and hardware may sound like trash to some, but we see them as gems. Incorperating these elements into the new spaces will give our farmhouse a seamless look.




Someday when we are all finished with the renovation I want people to wonder if everything is original. A home that is both seamlessly designed and functional is the mark of a well thought out plan. Let us know what you think of the new Layout.

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