The Gift of Demolition

The Gift of Demolitionfeatured

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We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary in an unusual way. Instead of the normal fancy dinner out, my hubby and I opted for a romantic weekend of demolition at the farmhouse.

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As you may remember from our post a couple of weeks ago, we were so disappointed to find that the chimney in our future kitchen was only partially brick. This meant our plan for a beautiful turn-of-the-century brick accent was now just a few 2×4’s in the middle of the kitchen taking up space. After trying to think up ways to incorporate it anyway, we realized that the only reason we were still keeping the chimney in our design was to avoid the tough job of taking it out. That was not a good enough reason.

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So after a little research we spent an entire weekend taking the first 6 feet out of the attic. Michael chiseled away in the cramped attic, while I carried the bricks down the ladder, down the stairs, and out to the backyard. We completely wore ourselves out! So we took a break from the chimney for a few weeks.


When my hubby asked me this weekend what I wanted to do for our anniversary I knew I had better use this opportunity well. With the cold weather on its way I knew running in and out of the farmhouse a million times carrying bricks would be even less fun. I also knew we couldn’t move forward with the kitchen reno without removing that chimney. So I announced that all I wanted for my anniversary present was to finish taking the remaining two floors of chimney out. Michael was surprised, but sweetly said, “If that’s what you want, Baby.”

movin bricks DSC_1231

As an added bonus removing this chimney would also give us more space in our tiny nursery. We started the process by taking everything out of Camdyn’s room and taping up plastic. We had learned early on that any kind of demo involving plaster was VERY messy!



Then we got to work. Michael demoed while I ran the bricks out to the pile in the backyard. It was very slow, messy, hard work. The girls played in the living room and ate cheerios part of the time, but we got most of the work done while they were sleeping. I guess they are used to banging noises.

DSC_1236 DSC_1239

It took about 8 hours to demo the portion in the nursery, including all our family breaks. After we had dinner, played with the girls, and put them down for the night we tackled the portion of the chimney in the future kitchen. Though it was much shorter, it was just as hard and messy.


DSC_1227 DSC_1242

Now we have gained square footage in some important places and we feel blessed that the process went so smoothly. Though taking a chimney out is not how either of us really wanted to spend our sixth anniversary, we are proud of all that we were able to accomplish and are excited to move forward with the new kitchen. There is a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from doing something yourself that most people are afraid to do.

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I feel blessed that the Lord gave me a spouse that is adventurous, spontaneous, and willing to go along with my crazy schemes. Believe it or not, the fact that Michael was willing to do this for our anniversary made me fall in love with him even more.

brick model DSC_1223

This will be something to tell the grandkids someday. Thank you for an “unforgettable anniversary” Baby. I wouldn’t want to tear out a chimney with anyone else. I’m so glad that God gave me you. Love You, Sara Jo.


P.S. Michael also surprised me with 2 dozen roses, sparkling pink lemonade, and a new CD of romanic/country music. He is a keeper for sure!

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