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If you have been having a rough day and you need something to cheer you up this is the post for you. My girls got an early Christmas present from their Grandparents. Get ready for cuteness overload…


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When a stray cat wandered into my parents’ barn several weeks ago and had kittens, I hoped they would end up at our farm. So we were all super excited to find out that these sweet kittens were one of the presents my parents were planning to give our girls this year for Christmas. When my family got together for Thanksgiving the kittens and their Mommy cat (who now lives in our barn) came along.

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As you can probably tell, Camdyn is over-the-moon with her new kitten she named Cinderella. This little fur ball is the most friendly and adventurous of the two kittens. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of light turquoise. We hope that this Siamese kitten is a girl. If not I guess we can call it Cinder.


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We weren’t sure how Avonlee would react to her calico kitten. But as you can see she is quite smitten with her lil kitten! Since Avee can’t talk yet, we let her big sister name the kitty. The name Camdyn picked was Mini Mouse. I tried to point out that she is a kitten so that name might not work, but Cami Grace was firm, “Her name is Mini Mouse.”

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Since Cinderella and Mini Mouse are so young we are keeping them in our bathroom for awhile. With all the renovation and craziness at the farmhouse this seems like the safest and warmest place for the kittens to be. So, needless to say, our family has been spending a lot of time playing in the bathroom lately.

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With our bathroom really being the only completely finished space in our farmhouse I’m okay with hanging out in there, and so are the girls.



Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the cutest Christmas presents ever!


Hugs & Kisses,

Camdyn and Avonlee

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