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At our lil farmhouse Valentine’s Day, or “Love Day” as we call it, is a big deal! So, we wanted to share the reason we get so excited and a few traditions we use to celebrate our special day together. Life on Bryarton Farm has never been so sweet…

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As a girl growing up in Oklahoma, my family of  7 had a big party every year to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We ate heart shaped pizzas, red jello, and drank strawberry floats. We played games, had ballroom dancing, did crazy family cheerleading, and went around the table telling what we loved about the person next to us (had to be very careful who you sat by).


Now that I am a mommy, I wanted to start Valentine’s traditions with my own girls.


  1. We get all dressed up in fancy red or pink clothes.
  2. We give little presents to each other.
  3. We take family pictures.
  4. We share the roses that Daddy gives Mommy. [Cami Grace started this one.]
  5. We go out to eat for lunch as a family. [Someday when the kitchen is finished we will probably eat at home.]
  6. We share how much Jesus loves us all.
  7. We tell what we love most about each other.
  8. My husband and I write Love Letters.
  9. My Hubby and I have a fancy desert or meal at home and read our letters. [After the girls go to bed since we can’t afford a babysitter.]
  10. We reminisce about past Valentine’s Days and the beautiful memories they hold.



Camdyn really loved the red roses Daddy got for Mommy.

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This year was Avonlee’s first Valentine’s Day outside of my belly and that meant she had a lot to catch up on!


Cami Grace taught Avee the correct way to “smew a wose.”

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At only 10 months old, Avonlee caught on pretty quickly! Maybe it has to do with the fact that her middle name just happens to be “Rose.”


Though all of us enjoy yummy food, the gifts, and spending quality time together, there is deeper reason behind all that we do.


The Reason We celebrate Love Day

Dear friends, let us love one another, because love is from God, and everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. The one who does not love does not know God, because God is love.   I John 4:7 & 8


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Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!  We would love to hear some of your Love Day traditions or maybe we have inspired you to start a few new ones in your home. Share your heart in the comments section below…


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