Even though we live on a lil farm, our favorite family retreat is a farm B&B. You might think we are crazy, but we feel completely at peace and truly ourselves in a rural setting. There is just nothing like the pastoral views and simple pleasures of farm life. So join us on our family vacation to one of our favorite spots to recharge—the utopian community of Serenbe

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Fresh out of college, Michael had been looking for a romantic place to take me (his then girlfriend) for dinner as part of his elaborate marriage proposal. The Farmhouse at Serenbe, the B&B’s farm-to-table organic restaurant, seemed the perfect choice. Little did he realize the impact that the breathtaking streets and trails of this oasis would have on our story. Though we wouldn’t be able to spend a night there till years later, we left that first evening agreeing that it was well named. What a Serene place to Be! 

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Fast forward 6 years… Now we have a family and bringing our girls back to the place where it all started is important to us. However, in May of 2014 we relocated our family from Georgia to our very own piece of paradise in Kansas—Bryarton Farm. Up until last week, this move made it impossible for us to visit our favorite getaway, but Michael loves to surprise me. During our recent family reunion in GA, celebrating the birth of our adorable nephew Oliver, he unexpectedly carved out a little time for revisiting Serenbe together.

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The hour long tractor drawn hayride around the Serenbe Farm, gave us the perfect vantage point for soaking up all those gorgeous views.

DSC_0454 DSC_0553 Cami & Goldie

The girls indulged their love for animal snuggles, with anything that would stand still.

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Feeding the animals was a job that they took seriously and got a kick out of.

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Since I will be turning 31 in a few weeks, Michael surprised me with a night’s stay at Serenbe’s Lake House as my birthday gift. I couldn’t believe it!

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The colorful folk style living room and kitchen, were the common areas that adjoined the four private suites of the Lake House.

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Our cozy farmhouse style suite had a more calming color palette and fit my design athletic exquisitely. I felt quite at home. They even provided pack-n-plays for the girls to sleep in for no extra charge. Family and customer service are obviously their priorities, but they also care about good design. It is rare to find all these things under one roof. As artists and designers ourselves, Serenbe’s attention to detail helps us truly relax and focus on making beautiful memories together.


If you are ever in the Atlanta, Georgia area and looking for an amazing place to stay with your family, check out the Inn at Serenbe. Some of the beautiful homes of the Serenbe community were recently featured in Country Living. There is so much to see and do. Whether you want to experience the farm nostalgia, witness impeccable design, or just relax in a serene location, Serenbe is the place to be.

{This is our honest opinion of Serenbe. We are not an affiliate, nor did we receive any compensation for this review.}

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