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Spring is one of our favorite times of year here at Bryarton Farm. Not only are the flowers blooming, but new life is springing up in the coop and the barn too! This spring tour of our farmyard is full of examples of how the Creator artfully breathes life back into the fields and paints our little farm with the brilliant colors of the season…

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The delicate pale purple irises are original to the farm. They are usually one of the first signs that spring is on its way.

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All along the front porch the beds are coming alive again. The lush prairie grass intermingled with the stubborn dandelions almost glows after all of the rain we have been experiencing. God has really protected our farm during the recent flooding in our area.

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Tucked between our 100 year old walnut tree and old azalea bushes, the girl’s tiny play farmhouse looks like a scene from a dream. The fluffy white blooms shower the playhouse with a cascade of petals every time the Kansas wind blows. This serene backyard is the perfect spot to play, dream, and garden together.


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The barn is no exception. Our sweet barn cat Calico {or Cali for short} gave birth this weekend to four adorable kittens. Sadly, with Kansas’s bipolar spring weather, a cold snap claimed three of the precious babies before we even knew they had been born. Cali and her remaining black kitten are now safely nestled in the barn. They now snuggle in a cozy box outfitted with an old towel. We even have a heater set up for the spring night chills that often come without warning. It may be hard to spot the tiny black and white kitten, but we will share more pics of this “Bryarton Born” cutie as she grows.

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Eggs are plentiful again and two of our hens are setting, but so far no new baby chicks have hatched.

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The girls are enjoying the beautiful change of weather and their new tree swing too. The simple pleasures of spring at the farm are memories we will hold on to forever…

Our Family spring 2016

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