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In today’s fast-paced life handmade invitations might seem crazy, but we think putting time, creativity, and love into invites is worth it! Give your guests something special that shows how much their presence at your party means to you! Get inspired to create…

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You might not consider yourself a calligrapher or an artist, but with all the resources out there nowadays almost anything is possible. Craft stores or even Walmart are great places to find easy-to-use beautiful products that will take your invitations to the next level. Sure you can pick up ready-made invitations, jot down party info, and mail them out. There is nothing wrong with that, but what if your invitations were something that Grandma would keep to help her remember a precious moment with her grandchildren for years to come…


In the 1800s before factory-made invitations were common, someone hosting a party often hand-made every invitation. That was a day when penmanship was a major class in school and letter writing was not just communication, but an art form as well. Invitations from that period can still be found carefully tucked away in hope chests and attics because receiving such a beautiful piece invoked a meaningful sense of belonging, love, and memories they wanted to hold onto forever.


I have often heard a cook say that creating a meal for their family and friends is their “love-language” Making invitations is not about sending out a “masterpiece,” it is about taking the time to create something with your two hands that communicates a clear message. You not only desire their presence at a function, but that you genuinely want them to know that you value them enough to give them a part of yourself…your time!

♥ Watch this fun step-by-step behind the scenes look at how my hubby and I made the invitations to our daughter’s 4th birthday party…

By the way we simply used paper, glue, paint, and card-stock that we just had lying around the farmhouse, so these didn’t cost us a penny to make. We had a lot of fun doing this project together from concept to finished product, and everyone that received an invitation was so touched!


Next week we will be sharing how we decorated and more about Camdyn’s actual party, so stay tuned. Hope you got some ideas for your next party!

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