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If you don’t follow me on instagram you might not know why the blog has been so neglected. Like a family of squirrels preparing for the coming winter we have been working nonstop to get siding patched and painted, windows restored, and gut more areas to pave the way for the structural repair team coming in mid-November. It’s a bit crazy around here and I’m exhausted…

So today for those of you who are not a part of the Instagram-community I’m just going to share a few iPhone shots straight from Bryarton Farm’s Feed to give you a taste of what you are missing:


Working & Playing on the farm…


After church we change back into our farm clothes and get back to fixing up this old farmhouse. Winter will be here soon and we need to get the siding done before snow flys. Just like in Little House on the Prairie we are focused on getting our farm ready for the Kansas winter. Our story has lots of adventures, hard work, and love too, but we have indoor plumbing. Hehe


When life gives you oranges…


A lot happening at the farm today! We just got a shipment of scaffolding, plywood, and wood siding. We are hoping to blend it into the original siding to patch the rotted areas. It is a race against time as the weather begins to change…


” The Cat Lady ”


A day in the life of a farm baby…


Yep, that man with his booty in the air is one hard working man! He has been working all morning replacing a rotted out window sill on our farmhouse before he heads to his night job loading trucks. Michael has such an amazing work ethic and I am so proud to call him my hubby!


Keeping one baby from killing herself while braiding the other baby’s hair #momlife


Cami Grace is putting her life savings toward her dream of having a pony. We dumped out her jar last night and she is 1/4th of the way there! As you can tell she is super excited!


It was an honor to create this custom cutting board for my sweet fellow farm girl @mrslaurenash 😘 From a rough sketch to a meticulously burned finished product the creative process was so much fun! I love getting to know my clients so that I can create something that uniquely celebrates the legacy of their family. No computers, stencils, or machines were used in the making of this piece so I am able to give Lauren something that is not only a useful tool for her farmhouse’s kitchen, but a real piece of art that she can hand down through the generations of her family. { If you are interested in one of your very own check out the shop page on my blog!


New original watercolor available in my shop! I named her Blue Eyed Daisy. Look closely to find out why…


The last of the wild sunflowers are blooming around our barn and cooler weather is setting in. Fall is here…


Painting some wood siding to patch into the original siding on the farmhouse. By only removing and replacing the damaged pieces of siding and by doing it ourselves we are saving A TON of money! #DIY #restoration


The sky is amazing tonight! Even our farmhouse covered in scaffolding looks beautiful in the rosey glow of a Kansas sunset…

Hope you enjoyed this look at some of the crazy stuff going on at the farm. On top of our full time jobs as a free-lance artist and a warehouse worker we are trying to balance having an intimate relationship with God, each other, and our kids too! This sure is a busy yet exciting time for our family and I have found the most amazing support group of similar families across the world through an unexpected source, Instagram. I was blown away by the positive and encouraging words from other Christian families who were doing a historic farmhouse restoration DIY style! I love celebrating in the ups and comforting in the downs together with this ever-growing group. What a blessing to find kindred spirits hundreds of miles away.


You can follow our journey on Instagram to see daily posts of all that is going on here at the farm. From cute candid moments of our lil farm girls and family; to breathtaking Kansas landscapes and our DIY historic farmhouse restoration progress. I also share art and design from our very own hobby farm studio! So check it out –


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