Fall Family Refresh

Fall Family Refreshfeatured


If you have been following our Bryarton Farm journey, you know that we have been working on the farmhouse restoration constantly. We have been needing some time away from it all, so we decided take some time to just enjoy being together on a beautiful fall day. We hope that this post inspires you to spend a little time outside with the ones you love, so we are sharing 5 budget friendly ideas for a great fall family day away.


1. Stop and Appreciate the Leaves

They don’t smell as good as roses, but they are incredible to look at! Camdyn and Avonlee got excited about the colorful fall leaves because we got excited with them. Isn’t God the most amazing artist? Kansas could compete with New England with these tantalizing hues!

img_4842 img_4991-2 img_4833 img_4853

2. Feed the Ducks

The simple act of feeding some glutinous ducks with your children is oddly satisfying. The girls couldn’t get enough of that experience by the pond. The ducks were certainly glad to see us too!

img_4828 img_4831

3. Take a Trail Ride

We had a few left over tickets from Cami Grace’s birthday party so she was able to feed her obsession with ponies. Avonlee is too little to ride, but she had a blast cheering her big sister on as she rode by. I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t love a pony ride on a beautiful day!

img_4980 img_4953 img_5056

4. Visit a Petting Zoo

Petting zoos are always a big bang for your buck. We spent hours petting and talking to all kinds of adorable farm animals. Avee Rose called all of them “Cow” because that is her newest vocabulary word and she loves to say it with expression. This cracked everyone up!

img_4920 img_5049 img_4916

5. Take a stroll

The simple pleasure of taking a stroll is a long lost art in today’s fast passed lifestyle. It doesn’t cost a thing yet it affects the soul in amazing ways. Walking under the colorful fall boughs that Sunday after church brought new energy into our weary bodies. We truly felt energized and refreshed by our fall day out together.

img_5026 img_4911 img_5024

Once in a while it is okay to take a day off. 

img_5074 img_4878 img_4824

Even the smallest moments spent giving your family your complete attention are moments that matter. We have very young children, but they still remember and respond to one-on-one attention. Sometimes I have to put down my paint brush for a minute and just give my girls a kiss. It makes them giggle and reassures them that although Mommy is always working on the farmhouse she still loves them bunches! Daddy feels a ton of pressure to give his family the “finished” home they need, but he has to remind himself to stop and give them the affection that they need even more.


Our babies will be grown up in a flash. So whatever crazy season of life your family is in, we hope we have inspired you to intentionally stop to enjoy the small everyday moments in the midst of the busyness and to work to create special memories together…

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