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It is cold and brown on our little farm. Knowing that spring is still several months away makes working and playing indoors seem like a prison sentence, especially to our girls. We talk of our plans and dream of spring to help the time pass more quickly. However, there was a bit of sunshine today, so the girls and I put on our coats and when for a walk.


The chickens, cats, and the dog seemed surprised, but happy to see us running out of the farmhouse. In the warmer months the animals, the girls, and I all go for a walk everyday. Winter tends to gets us out of our habit.


Even though all the flowers are dead the there are no leaves on the trees, the way the light shines through the dried prairie grass is astonishingly beautiful.

IMG_6818 IMG_6808 IMG_6802 IMG_6815

There truly is beauty in every season. Living in the country has opened my eyes to a better appreciation for each of them. We soaked up the fresh air and exercised our winter legs until all the “cabin fever” or in our case “farmhouse fever” was gone! To help you understand why we love spring on Bryarton so much, here is a taste of our country walks together:

One good thing about being cooped up inside was that it helped Michael and I really focus on our kitchen/living room project. Now that all the structural damage has been repaired we have started to put the rooms back together. We also  are adding some new details like an exposed ceiling and shiplap in the living room.

IMG_6734 IMG_6731 IMG_6737

Our progress is slow. Doing things yourself tends to take longer than paying a professional to do them for you. I hope that this journey is not only a learning process but a growing one too…

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