Farmhouse Styling { How to create a country tablescape on a budget }

Farmhouse Styling { How to create a country tablescape on a budget }featured


You don’t have to actually live in a farmhouse to add farmhouse style to your home. I think the home-spun farm look has become popular lately because of the nostalgia attached to living the simple life in the country. No matter where you live or what your budget, you can inject a bit of farmhouse style into your home. Here are a few keys ingredients for farmhouse styling from Bryarton Farm…


After posting this iPhone shot of a rare warm January day on the farm, I noticed a few comments on Instagram regarding my style that sparked the idea for this blog post. The textures, colors, and timeless pieces I use in my farmhouse and even around the farmyard might be surprisingly easy for you to add to your home.

Here are 3 keys for setting a table with Farmhouse Flare on a tight budget:

2. Color Conscious

Color matters and paying attention to this detail can help your table look its best. I started with this refinished little farm table as a neutral base. The real inspiration for this classically country look comes from this gingham tablecloth. Next, I carefully chose the rest of the pieces to either match its teal checks or to compliment them. Knowing your color wheel is the secret weapon to keeping your decor harmonious and consequently creating a beautiful tablescape every time!

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 1.45.59 PM

♥ Tip: Notice besides the teal I only used objects with hues directly across from teal on the color wheel.

2. Shopping Smart

I think it is worth noting that I am a stay at home mom/freelance artist and my husband loads trucks for a living. However, I feel that we are still able to create a cozy home with a high-end look on a very tight budget. Getting the farmhouse look may be within your grasp after all! It is important where you shop because you can get the look you want at great prices if you know where to look. Here are my 5 favorite budget friendly places to shop:


Thrift Stores

Goodwill and Salvation Army are honestly where I shop the most. Its like an indoor yard sale! I paid $30 for this curvy table at Salvation Army and even better than the great price is the fact that my money goes to help people! It’s a Win Win! I had fun painting it white with a friend and distressing it to create the perfect charming country table for four. {P.S I get compliments on my girls’ clothes all the time and people are always a bit shocked when I tell them I paid $0.99 for their dress or $3 for their shoes!}


My Farmhouse

Yes, you don’t actually need to buy something to set a beautiful farm table! I love to stretch my creative muscles and think of new ways to use the pieces I have had for years. I love to “shop” my own house, moving things from room to room to give things a “new feeling” for $0. I have had the white pitcher for 4 years now and it is such a versatile piece that  looks great styled all different ways. Shopping is fun, but saving money can be too, I promise.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 5.33.43 PM

The Farm

Every table needs a stunning center piece. You don’t have to live on a farm to harvest nature’s bounty year round or have any money to create the perfect show-stopper. Even in January I found these great dried weeds in my pasture. I simply shoved them in a vintage pitcher and—Voila—instant texture and rustic charm. No talent necessary, seriously!


Antique shops or Flea Markets

It still amazes me how you can pay less than half the price for a vintage piece and yet walk away with something quality made and oozing with character. Most furniture made today is not made with real wood or of lasting construction. Modern in my mind is synonymous with disposable. These delicately carved chairs with mint condition caned seats are Eastlake Style and probably from the late 1800s early 1900s. Their stain was in bad shape so my girlfriend and I painted them to match the thrift shop table to create the perfect lil’ set.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 5.25.38 PMScreen Shot 2017-01-27 at 5.29.07 PM


I have to say that Walmart has really upped their game. When they started carrying the Pioneer Woman brand I finally was able to get excited about their decor and be interested in purchasing more than groceries and diapers. Both the gingham table cloth and the turquoise tumblers are from Walmart! (click highlighted words for affiliate link) They are very reasonably priced and have a vintage inspired feel. I wouldn’t say that they are as high quality as authentic antiques but I think Walmart is finally starting to pay attention to trends. This is not the Walmart from your childhood.

3. Layered Look


Now to the fun part, putting your tablescape together. I always think of it in terms of layers. Going back and forth between opaque whites to pops of color, pattern, and texture. The white will break up the busyness of the other elements while keeping your farm table looking effortlessly styled. Here is the way I layered my pieces.

  • Nuetral Table
  • Pattered Tablecloth
  • Rustic Wooden Tray
  • Crisp White Pitcher
  • Whimsical Dried Prairie Weeds
  • White China Plates
  • Tourquise translucent sparkling Tumblers
  • Ironstone Oval Dish
  • Gala Apples

♥ Tip: When deciding what pieces to style your table with—Remember that farmhouse style is about utilitarian beauty, so stoneware, cutting boards, rolling pins, potted herbs, linen towels, crocks and such are a good place to start.— Marion Parsons


Now you are ready to enjoy a meal with the ones you love around a farmhouse style tablescape worthy of your guests! I hope you learned a few things and feel more confident about your skills as a hostess. Welcoming people into your home is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Implement the 3 keys: be color conscious, shop smart, and don’t forget to layer your colors and textures. Happy hosting!

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