Farmhouse Nursery Video Tour & Kitchen Update

Farmhouse Nursery Video Tour & Kitchen Updatefeatured

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We have been hard at work on our little farm.

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This week we started tackling the floors in our kitchen and living room. As you know, all the original planks had to be carefully removed to repair the structural damage underneath. Now that all the termite and water damage has been addressed, we are reinstalling the original hardwoods over the new plywood subfloor.

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We plan to write a whole post detailing the process we have created for reinstalling and restoring the floors in our farmhouse, but for now we just wanted to give you a sneak peek at how the kitchen is coming along. Cinderella the cat is surveying the kitchen with a critical eye. I wonder if she is as impatient as we are to have a finished kitchen…

me & Avee

In honor of our youngest daughter’s birthday in 2 weeks we thought we would share a video tour of her adorable lil’ nursery. Whenever I feel overwhelmed and stressed about how the downstairs portion of our farmhouse is looking, I just spend some time in this bright happy room. Seeing this finished space gives me hope and reminds me that when you are restoring an old farmhouse things have to get ugly before they can be pretty. So come on in and see Avonlee’s nursery. She loves having play dates…

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