Simple DIY $3 Farmhouse Buffalo Check Pillow Cover

Simple DIY $3 Farmhouse Buffalo Check Pillow Coverfeatured

If you love farmhouse style, then you probably love just about anything with a buffalo check pattern on it! I have had my heart set on having a few buffalo check pillows in our living room, but spending $30+ on a pillow cover was never going to be in our budget. Check out this simple 5 step tutorial that will help you achieve farmhouse style on a grass farmer’s budget.

My entire life, money has been tight—but I’m not complaining. In fact, I see it as a challenge to use what God has given us and be super creative with it. I really wanted country-style pillows, so I came up with a quick easy way to get that look for under $3 per pillow.


It’s gonna take a bit of good old fashioned hand sewing, but I finished 2 pillows in the time it took my girls to watch an episode of Barney. Which means you definitely have the time to tackle this project and you can get in some cuddle time while you’re at it! (Feel free to adapt this tutorial for sewing machine use if you desire.)

Step 1. Shop


Okay ladies, step one involves shopping, so you should be able to handle this one with skill! Yep, the Pioneer Women’s Flea Market napkin sets are my secret weapons for this project. Think about it: this buffalo checked fabric is already cut in a perfectly sized square, is already hemmed for you, AND you can get a 4 pack for under $5 at your local Walmart! I love that there are a variety of colors too, so you can get a shade of checks that fit your home decor.

When I say these pillow covers are under $3 it’s because it only takes half a pack to make one pillow. The number of napkin packs you will need to purchase depends on how many pillows you want to make; and if you want both sides to be the check patterned or if you want to mix it up. I already had a few of the Pioneer Woman napkins when this idea occurred to me. I really love how they look on my farm table, but I was willing to sacrifice a few for pillows.

Step 2. Gather

Now it’s time to gather all your supplies for the project! I assume you will have everything on my list laying around your house once you have purchased the napkins. Here is a list of everything you will need to make one pillow:

  • 2 Cloth napkins
  • 1 Old pillow or stuffing
  • Coordinating colored thread
  • A needle
  • Push pins
  • A pair of scissors
  • & 1 Episode of Barney


Step 3. – Pin

I had to include this step because unfortunately I found that the Pioneer Woman Napkins were not all exactly alike in dimension, so it’s very important that you line up the edges how you want them to lay before stitching. In most pillow making projects you would sew a pillow inside out, but I wanted a faux piped effect. This meant that I pinned the “wrong sides” facing in. (As shown above)

Step 4. Sew


This step might seem self-explanatory, but I wanted to point out that I am achieving a piped effect by carefully stitching just under the already existing hemline of the napkins. Keep sewing all the way around 3 sides of the napkin and then stop with a knot. I wasn’t worried about my imperfect stitches showing, because all the hand-made stitches in plain sight are just another way to add farmhouse style to your pillows. I always feel like Ma from Little House on the Prairie when I’m hand sewing something for my family or home. It’s fun for awhile… but I’m not sure I could make myself a dress—a simple pillow is enough for me.

Step 5. Stuff & Stitch

Lastly, stuff an old pillow or the stuffing of your choice into the open end of your pillow case. I often get tired of the throw pillows on my couch, but I can’t afford to replace them on a whim. Reusing them as inserts for new handmade covers is a great way to recycle them! Once your stuffing is in place you can rethread your needle and close up the remaining side.


I am thrilled with the way these handmade pillows turned out! They give me that cozy farmhouse feel I was dreaming of and you would never guess that they only cost $3 to make! I added one on the chair, one on the couch and draped a matching tablecloth over the other fireside chair to balance the pop of color around the room.

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