Our Farm Style Wedding Anniversary

Our Farm Style Wedding Anniversaryfeatured

Well folks my husband and I have hit our 8th year of marriage and to celebrate we created a new farm style wedding album! 

Many of my girlfriends from college have started doing “trash the dress” photography sessions. Apparently it is a great way to reuse your beautiful dress, rekindle the romance, and remember your special day. Most of these girls took awesome shots in the ocean or the woods. The only problem was I didn’t want ruin my miracle dress in case my girls want to wear it someday.


The reason I call it my miracle dress is because I found this dress on Ebay and won the bid at $130 though it retails at David’s Bridal for around $900. My husband is a photographer, so he decided he would set up his tripod and take our 8th Anniversary celebratory photos on our farm. Amazingly I kept my dress perfectly clean!

My bouquet was created by my sweet girls! They had so much fun gathering these beautiful wild sunflowers from our pastures.


Poor Michael was running back and forth from the tripod wearing himself out, but he was having fun too! He loves photography and he says I am his favorite subject. (He is a Sweet Talker)

The chickens, ducks, and even Annie the pony got in on the anniversary shoot!


Thank you for making me feel like a princess and loving me all these years Michael. You are my rock, my partner in crime, my love. Happy Anniversary Baby!
Love your,
Sara Jo


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