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For over two years now, I have been sharing with you the rescue and restoration of our daughters’ playhouse that we have been doing alongside the rescue and restoration of our real 1893 farmhouse. I am happy to say that it is finally finished! So join us for a fall farmhouse tour of mini proportions…

Over 1,400 friends on Instagram got excited about this mini farmhouse and it’s not hard to see why, but this lil’ cutie pie wasn’t always cute.

Before (July 2015)

After (Nov 2017)

I saw a ton of potential. My husband saw a ton of work. In the end, we 3 girls convinced Michael that the little house that we saw in a nearby town was an investment and he agreed we could have it. Now we just needed to find out if it was even for sale and how in the world we would get it home to Bryarton Farm. You can read all about that crazy story by clicking {Here}


The mini farmhouse has improved by leaps and bounds from the complete mess she was. Over the years, we have slowly worked to rebuild the rotted portions, repair the window, replace the carpet, paint everything, and slowly turn it into our girls’ absolute favorite place to play on the farm.


Just like their Mommy, Camdyn and Avonlee love to add a touch of fall to their little porch every year using pint-sized pumpkins they’ve gathered themselves. You can see it decorated for the summer by clicking {Here}. A welcoming porch is important even if you are just mommies-in-training.


Once inside this 4ft x 6ft farmhouse you will notice a tiny entry nook to the right. I found the mudroom shelf at Goodwill for $3, the broom was $5 from Walmart, and the farm style stool is a $5 Dollar General Store find that I painted white. Hanging aprons, baskets of produce, and keeping their “cleaning” supplies handy makes this corner both practical and pretty storage.


Next up is the dining room. The dried wildflower bouquet from our pastures is a fun fall touch, but it’s the $3 vintage oil painting I scored at a thrift shop that steals the show. I love how the turquoise from the vase in the floral painting speaks to all the other little pops of turquoise throughout the mini farmhouse. I made the vintage style light fixture by combining a $10 lampshade with a $3 farm light.


The dining room comfortably seats three kiddos, so the girls can have a friend over for tea. Someday we hope to be blessed to adopt a little girl. I added the third chair to this $15 flea market table set with her in mind.


In the corner next to the table is where the babies sit, but don’t tell our barn cat Panda that he is sitting in the baby chair. He thinks he is big stuff around the farmyard!

The girls love when their fluffy farm friends stop by for a visit. It gives them a chance to show off their hospitality and culinary skills. In the warmer months their outdoor tea parties and picnics draw quite a crowd. Jemima and her husband Puddles became “Instagram Stars” when I shared this shot a few months ago.


The kitchen and pantry cover the whole back wall of the mini farmhouse. You can see how Michael and I made the tiny kitchenette for under $30 as a Christmas gift for Cami Grace, plus her sweet reaction by clicking {Here}


The kitchen is the heart of a farmhouse, so the girls and I had the most fun designing this space together. All their play food and dishes fit perfectly into the cupboards and shelves lining the back wall. I really wanted the back wall to make a statement and draw your eyes, so I put my art degree to work.

I created the look of wallpaper by free-hand-painting delicate turquoise flowers with the leftover paint we used for both the front door and the interior trim. Then I hung the little farm oil painting, I did the first year we moved to our farm, above the kitchen shelves. I think it gives a fitting nod to the authentic farmstead we call home.


To mimic the Victorian millwork in our real farmhouse Michael adapted miniature versions of rosettes, fluting, plinth blocks, and tall baseboards. I made the tiny pink gingham curtains using the bottom half of an old dress.

All of the memories we have made over the past few years working and playing together as a family on this mini farmhouse have given it a very special place in our hearts. We hope you enjoyed the tour and that you feel inspired to rescue something or someone that is undervalued. It sure feels good to give this old playhouse a happy ending…

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