A Tiny Farmhouse Tour

A Tiny Farmhouse Tourfeatured

In the midst of our own farmhouse restoration, there has been another much smaller farmhouse restoration going on in the nursery. This week I wanted to give you a tour of the girls’ dollhouse that we have been fixing up together.

Two years ago I found this little gothic revival style dollhouse at a local flea market for $15. Some of the gingerbread fretwork was falling off, shingles were missing, the door was broken, and it was very dirty, but overall the tiny farmhouse was in great shape.


The mauve and baby blue color scheme was a dead-giveaway that the last owner of this tiny farmhouse hailed from the 1980s. That color combo was all the rage back then. I was born in 1985 and I remember my bedroom having baby blue floral wallpaper with mauve carpet and a mauve ceiling. So the first thing we did was paint the exterior white to give it an update and to match our real farmhouse.


Since we named our baby Avonlee you might has picked up on the fact that Momma is a huge Anne of Green Gables fan. The girls are finally old enough to enjoy the books and movies along with me, so they didn’t mind when I suggested we paint all the gables, shutters, and trim green.

We even found a doll that resembles Anne Shirley to come live in the tiny farmhouse. Over the past 2 years, the girls and I have been carefully hunting, collecting, and curating all the pieces for Green Gables. Together we scoured thrift shops and flea markets as well as hand making many things for the doll house. It has been such a fun mother-daughter project to do together, but I think we are finally done with the makeover! So today we wanted to invite you to see a tour of the tiniest farmhouse…

The Living Room


We cut out lovely pictures from magazines and hot glued them to cardboard frames to create pint-sized gallery quality art for the farmhouse. Just like in real houses, artwork makes all the difference in making a house feel like a home.

The Kitchen


Right off the living room is the kitchen. This is probably my favorite room in both my real farmhouse and in the doll-farmhouse. I found the mini cast iron stove at a flea market and we added the handle from an old broken paint brush as the stove pipe. Several of the hard-to-find pieces like the kitchen hutch and dishes were birthday gifts we requested from family. I believe they are from Hobby Lobby.

The Bathroom


At the top of the spiral staircase is the tiny bathroom. We made all the flooring throughout the farmhouse from popsicle sticks, but in the bathroom I cut the sticks into tile-like squares rather than the planks that are in the rest of the house. Cami Grace carefully painted each square white to mimic Carrara Marble and then I hot glued them to the floor in a diagonal pattern. We gave the girls this $10 bathroom set from Ebay for there Valentines Day present last year, and I made the shower curtain from a scrap of an old dress.

The Bedroom


This cozy space is where you will find Anne whenever her mommies aren’t playing with her. The bedroom set was a Christmas gift from Grandma, but the beautiful hand embroidered bedspread is an antique handkerchief I found at Goodwill for $.99. The rug is a picture of a rug we cut from a Restoration Hardware catalog. I may never be able to afford a real rug from them, but this rug was free!


The girls have spent countless hours enjoying their Green Gables farmhouse and I hope you enjoyed the tour as well. I know I can trace my obsession with interior design back to my childhood dollhouse. My Dad and I designed and built it together when I was a girl. Rearranging and decorating it was a favorite activity of mine. I love that I can continue this tradition with my own little girls.

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