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Hand Painted Pillow

Hand Painted Pillowfeatured

Sara Jo is recovering from getting her wisdom teeth removed, so today I (Michael) am going to share one of my favorite contributions to Bryarton Farm Art & Design. Though I have been a calligrapher since I was in high school, creating decorative pillow covers for our Etsy shop with hand-lettered calligraphy is a new direction for me. This job Read more

Farmhouse Nursery Reveal

Farmhouse Nursery Revealfeatured

When we removed a chimney from the farmhouse, we not only gained square footage in the nursery, but we also had an excuse to give this little space a face-lift. Up until now Avonlee Rose has been in a vintage bassinet in our room. Though she is still not sleeping through the night, she has outgrown Read more

Camdyn’s Room Reveal

Camdyn’s Room Revealfeatured

  When we first moved to the farm Cami Grace’s nursery got a quick make-over, but there were so many things vying for our attention that we never quite finished her room. Today we are sharing a more complete space showcasing her crib, which up until this week was still stashed in the barn.

Nursery Updates

Nursery Updatesfeatured

I have had a few projects in the nursery that I needed Michael to help me with, but every time he was available Cami Grace seemed to be taking a nap. This week we were finally able to plan around her schedule and really make some progress in her room.

The Nursery (part 2)

The Nursery (part 2)featured

We had to cut a hole in the plaster wall to get the white washed armoire up those crazy stairs. The landing was just an inch too small. Bummer! What’s one more whole to patch, right?

The Nursery ( part 1)

The Nursery ( part 1)featured

Having Cami Grace’s room done is a huge priority for me. I think that if I had her room finished I would feel better about the crazy reno mess the rest of the house is in. I’ve been working really hard trying to give her a clean, organized place to play and sleep, but things just keep happening Read more

White Washed Armoire

White Washed Armoirefeatured

  In our Victorian cottage in Georgia Cami Grace’s room was huge I had so many decorating options. She had large windows, 12ft ceilings, a closet, and even a fire place. The perfect princess room.