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A Tiny Farmhouse Tour

A Tiny Farmhouse Tourfeatured

In the midst of our own farmhouse restoration, there has been another much smaller farmhouse restoration going on in the nursery. This week I wanted to give you a tour of the girls’ dollhouse that we have been fixing up together.

The $9 Coffee Table

The $9 Coffee Tablefeatured

This week we are sharing an inspiring look at how to turn a cheap piece of outdated junk into a stunning and functional farmhouse-style coffee table. We hope to show how anyone can revive old pieces on a budget. So grab a cup of something hot and settle down to enjoy another of our furniture Cinderella stories.

Farmhouse Nursery Reveal

Farmhouse Nursery Revealfeatured

When we removed a chimney from the farmhouse, we not only gained square footage in the nursery, but we also had an excuse to give this little space a face-lift. Up until now Avonlee Rose has been in a vintage bassinet in our room. Though she is still not sleeping through the night, she has outgrown Read more

Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Makeoverfeatured

I confess that laundry is not something I love to do. It is a simple enough task, but remembering to move the clothes from the washer into the dryer always slips my mind. Folding the clothes seems to always fall to the end of my priority list. Having a pretty laundry room that makes doing laundry Read more

A Farmhouse Table Makeover

A Farmhouse Table Makeoverfeatured

We have had this dining table for a little over two years, and had grown accustomed to the large crack on the top. However, when I found some scraps of lumber with an interesting patina in our late 1800’s barn, it seemed like the perfect solution for a new table top. So we spent Saturday giving this table Read more

Scroll Arm Chair Makeover

Scroll Arm Chair Makeoverfeatured

  Believe it or not this unique little chair was a roadside find. Although one of it’s scrolling arms was broken and all the seat’s caning was gone I saw potential in this chair. Enough potential to pull over on the side of a busy road to dig it out of a large trash pile.

Living Room Spring Update

Living Room Spring Updatefeatured

  After doing a little spring cleaning at the farmhouse, I thought we should share an update of the living room. We really haven’t changed much. It is the simple things like fresh-cut flowers from our yard in an old ironstone pitcher that spruces up the place.  Take a look at our cozy abode in spring’s bloom.